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By matildasoderlund 2014.07.31 in Uncategorized


Just listened to a TED Talk and read a Forbes article saying that a single smile can have the same stimulus on your brain as 2000 chocolate bars – sounds pretty good to me =)

TED Talk

Forbes article



Life, a balancing act

By matildasoderlund 2014.07.03 in Uncategorized

Well, here I am – five months after my first blog post, first year at university finished and fully enjoying summer hollidays.

My absence here kind of indicates how my life has been lately, too little time and too much to do. University life is like a new world. A world full of new people, hard work and immensely fun! I cannot say anything else than that I really, really like it =) Though, at times, combinging this with my climbing and other aspects of life has almost felt like walking a thightrope, where I sometimes have struggeled to keep my balance.

Therefore I have decided not to compete this summer. I love competing but I inevetably but a lot of preassure on myself by doing so. After the past couple of months I feel like that is not really what I need. A bit of relaxing, charging my batteries and just climb is what I think I need – so that’s what I am doing! Later today I am heading to… España(surprise!) for two weeks of climbing in Rodellar! VENGA! =)


2014, what’s up?!

By matildasoderlund 2014.02.13 in Update

44 days in 2014 and I cannot say anything else than that it has been an exciting start of the year! Plenty of things are going on, so I figured it would be a good idea to share a little update on what has happened recently.

First of all; new blog address. From now on I will be writing here on outdrr.com. I feel happy to be joining a community of people who all seem to be really inspiring outdoor- and adventure enthusiasts. If you have any tips, suggestions or questions regarding what to write about – please let me know!


España and exam prep

I started the new year by spending a week climbing in Southern Spain with some of my friends. It was my first time visiting this part of Spain and the climbing and quality of the rock really surprised me in a positive way. All in all Spain was muy bueno (as always), although I still felt slightly restricted climbing with my finger as it is still healing from the injury.

From climbing in Spain to calculating standard deviations, analyzing normal distributions a
nd learning the Swedish law system. Back to Sweden – or maybe back to reality is a better way to put it – and exam preparations. I am currently in my second semester of the bachelor program in Business and economics at the Stockholm School of Economics. I really like it, but as everyone know exam periods tend to be rather hectic.



Training wise my fitness coach, Malin Larsson, and me planned a long period of basic training, starting with building up endurance. I combined spending a lot of time on the wall with running, strength exercises with multiple repetitions and studying for my exams. I have realized that school is another component that also has to be included in planning my training; so doing excerices where you just have to execute and not think too much were perfect since studying consumed most of my mental energy…

The day prior to my last exam I had the honor to attend the Swedish Sports Gala. I was invited as I have been awarded a scholarship from Svenska Spel and Riksidrottsförbundet. It was an absolutely amazing night and it was super inspiring to meet athletes from all kinds of sports.Both training and exams went very well. It is certainly one of the best feelings when hard work pays off! I am still working on improving my overall fitness but now I am shifting towards working more on building strength. To be honest I think I am more motivated than ever to train! So, off to training now =)

Matilda Söderlund

Matilda Söderlund

Twenty one year old Matilda Söderlund specializing in sport climbing. She had her big breakthrough last year and impressed the climbing sports world by climbing several very difficulty mountain routes - even finishing some of them during the same day.

During the year she also placed very well in several competitions both internationally and in her home country Sweden. Matilda is studying on Stockholm School of Economics, one of Europe's most prestigious business schools.

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